Sold G&L USA Climax Plus HSH "super strat" w/Gotoh Floyd, shredder version of Legacy pre-Invader


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1995 G&L USA Climax Plus in Transparent Green over Ash. This is their “super-strat” version of the Legacy, and the predecessor to the BBE era Invader model of the 90s and 2000s. Has the cool sculpted body behind the neck heel that the later Invader does not have. Comes with original G&L molded case all latches etc. work, no broken feet, no issues. Also comes with the wrenches for the Gotoh Floyd. Green pearl Q-parts knobs for extra bling.

USA Made, Ash body, maple neck with rosewood board. Body has a thinner contour around the neck heel so your thumb can grab easier for upper fret playing. 1&11/16” nut width. Gotoh Floyd Rose, which if you do your research you’ll find is considered by many to be the best Floyd variant made. Not a cheap knockoff, it is an improvement over the originals. Adjustable tension, easy to remove bar that both stays in place when you want it to, and comes out easy for storage. Hardened steel base plate, brass block. Stud locks for the bridge studs. The newer Invaders went to the OFR, which aren’t nearly as nice.

Pickups are Seymour Duncan Custom in the bridge, Neck pickup is from a PRS S2, middle single is a steel pole type single, which has higher output to keep up with the humbuckers and low string pull for no intonation issues.

G&L wired these from the factory with a 1M volume and odd switching; I put in WD-CTS special tight tolerance pots (both measure slightly over 500k) and a super switch to get the following pickup combinations, which make it much more useful and sound better than stock (and all hum-cancelling): 1) Bridge Humbucker, 2) Bridge humbucker split with middle single in parallel, hum cancelling, 3) Bridge Humbucker Plus Neck humbucker, 4) Bridge and Neck humbuckers split with middle single (also hum cancelling), 5) Neck humbucker. So essentially you get the 3 “les paul” humbucker type positions with 2 stratty “in-between” positions. Extremely versatile and great sounds.

Frets have been leveled a while back and show little to no wear post levelling. Set up with new 10s and intonated, action set low as follows: High E string at 14th fret .045” (2/64” or about 1mm), sloping to .07” Low E 14th fret (~1.75mm or 3/64”).

Cosmetic condition is very good, see pics. The guitar is 25 years old and has been played. It has the usual polish swirl and some clear coat dings that have been repaired/filled/colored. No chips to the wood or any of that; it shows very light wear for a 25 year old guitar. When I got it, it had the usual little finish cracks near the neck pocket; they were glued/refinished so they don’t show easily and will never spread.


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