Sold G-Lab ALA-1 Amp Loop Adapter SOLD!

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    Nov 30, 2010
    Hi all,

    My Fryette Power Station just arrived and I am now routing all my time-based effects through that now.

    Here is the G-Lab ALA-1 Amp Loop Adapter (think along the lines of a Kleinulator or other Solid-State Dumbleator device) I used it to convert the impedance for my Carr Slant 6v's FX loop and it works wonderfully for making high and low impedance devices play together nicely. You can also attenuate or boost signal as desired, but I always used it for the conversion feature only..

    Stored in my home, smoke free studio. Never abused. I could only find these on UK and EU sites, so here's a rare chance to get a nicely budgeted piece of tone enhancement. Comes with the cable, box and warranty card (manual available online) This did not come with a AC adapter, but it can be used by any standard BOSS style 9v plug - even more pedalboard friendly!

    $90.00 shipped and PPed SOLD!


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