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G12H 75 Creamback or G12T 75?


What's up cats? I need some solid advice on a speaker upgrade I'm going to be doing.

I currently have an Egnater Tourmaster 2x12 cab that I've always liked for a number of reasons. Decent tone, solid build quality, and a classy look (blonde and black with tweedish type grill cloth). However, I have recently grown tired of the tone ever since I started playing through a Marshall 1960 cab every week at my rehearsal space with my band. The cab pairs really well with both my Blackstar ht-100 and my Orange Dual Terror. I did a little research and found that the speakers in this cab (and also in the 2x12 version) are Celestion G12T 75's. The speakers that I currently have in the Egnater are Celestion Elite 80s that came stock. The Elite 80s don't sound nearly as warm and punchy as the G12T's; instead they sound thinner, seem to have harsher highs and mids, and lack the low end punch that I want out of a speaker.

I'm pretty much sold on the G12T-75's but while I was browsing the Celestion website I saw that they make a G12H-75 Creamback which seems to be similarly voiced but with a little bit more to offer. So now I'm torn between the two types of speakers.

So I'm looking for a couple things here...

Does anyone have experience with both types of speakers and could make a recommendation on which I should go for?

If I loved the tone of the regular G12T-75's do you think I'd like the creambacks more?

Looking forward to hearing some solid advice/feedback

Before setting my mind on anything I'd do some extensive research on where I wanted to go with my tone. There are other speakers than the T75 and H75. There are other brands of speakers as well, so I wouldn't make a short list on a whim.

The H magnet, higher power version of the current T75 would be the K100 if it matters.

What kind of music are you into and what would you like the speakers to do for you?


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I've used both in combination with Vintage 30s. I like both speakers, but I prefer the T75 paired with the V30 because of the EQ. (V30 mid hump, T75 lesser mids) So I guess it depends on what you want. If you want more of a scooped sound and/or your amp and guitar have very pronounced mids, the T75 may be right for you. If you want a more balanced EQ with more mids, smoother highs yet still a good thump in the lows, then the H75 would be the right choice.


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If you've already played and really enjoy the T75, I'd stick with that. I've got a pair of them in an X pattern with 2 v30s in my 1960B, and it's my favorite speaker combination by a long shot.
I far prefer the Creamback 75 to the T-75, but it could just be me. Nice and balanced speaker with lots of good low end and the highs aren't punishing or fizzy.


Oh damn!
I totally forgot to check on this post lol!

Thanks for all the positive feedback guys!
I have a lot to consider here!



You may want to try just 1 GT-75 with that cab and 1 Elite-80.I have the same cab and I use this combination with a Mesa Royal Atlantic head and or a Marshall JVM 205h and it is very satisfying to me. Others have complimented on the tone of these two speakers mixed in a 2-12 cab. One more this is I like to run the cab open back,I think it makes the sound much fuller and balanced.


I prefer the Creamback H75 by far. More upper mid range, minimal harsh frequencies, smoother top end and just a very balanced speaker compared to the T75


Get the WGS equivalent instead. Your wallet and ears will thank me later:

I have the WGS HM 75 in a 2-12" cab,and as they are advertised they have more mids instead of the sorta scooped mids with the G12T-75's,excellent bottom end bass response and overall it is just a great sounding speaker,they do take a little while to break in but once they do they come alive..I had it paired up originally with a G12T-75 but something wasn't right,so I put a V30 in with it and that's my main speaker setup,the WGS-HM75 & Vintage 30..sounds kickass! and as said above I got mine new for $80 shipped to my front door in less than 2 days.


If you can pick up some old T75's, early white label version, they have less of a mid scoop than the modern ones. More like the g12 65 they replaced at the time. Seen them going cheap.

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