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G2D Cream Tone - Opinions Wanted

Marc Roy

I've been looking for a low gain OD for my country and funk stuff. The reviews seem to be positive on this one. Who has one? What's the tone like? My rig is a Suhr Tele and Anderson Drop Top (H/S/S) through a Dr. Z Maz 38. I'm looking for a clean OD with decent low end (I've had it with TS style pedals - they just don't do it for me). Any opinions are appreciated. Thanks.
I love mine and everyone at my local shop knows and loves theirs. However, my rig is wildly different from yours so my opinion is probably not relevant. That said, I don't think it's like a tube screamer. It's too warm sounding. Right now I love to pair it up with my Barber Tone Press. Oh, and my rig sounds nothing like the sound clips off of the G2D website but it still sounds fantastic. It's my main overdrive.

Dog Boy

Senior Member
i had one and flipped it soon after I got it. The frequency response was even and full but I just didn't like the quality of OD. I found it grainy and not so smooth in the transition from cleanish to dirty. Not as much presence or focus to the sound as i like for that situation ( I really like 10,000 pound twang if you know what I mean). The boost side was alright but not that inspiring when stepped on. I think this pedal might work better on a Marshall voiced amp.....I was using a tele and AC30.
FYI I've been using a KOT for the sound and feel you've been going for. That has ended my seach for the low gain OD sound with a tele. If you can't swing the cash or wait I'd try a Hotcake in your situation. Klon or Burriss Boostier are other pedals that are nice for that.
All in all I think its a nice pedal and really cool looking but I think there are better choices out there.
Good luck.


Gold Supporting Member
I like mine, but it's because I was able to dial it in to right where I like my modded TS9 and then use the boost for soloing as a plus. I should also say that mine is one of the early ones....I can't speak for the more recent builds.
Wow good description Dogboy!!! I agree 100%! You just described what I could not. However, I have played with the settings a bit and with some fooling with the tone knob on the guitar it can get very nice.

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