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"G3 Can't Do Cleans"

Rena Rune

Senior Member
It's certainly not the best at it, like most modelers I've tried, but it's still capable of some very nice cleans. Keep in mind I'm using a Jag which makes the top end a bit more interesting, though it also has stock pickups, and I use the Rhythm circuit for some tones(I start off with it, then switch to the lead circuit, which may sound a bit harsh since it was dialed in for the Rhythm sound)


I'm using the Fender Twin(fully clean then with a compressor for breakup/sustain), then a Vox( a bit too much crossover distortion in the breakup tones I'm afraid, will never understand why modelers do this since this is what Voxes tend to be used for), then a Hiwatt, then flicking between various patches, then a Vibroverb, then Bassman(which doesn't clean up well at all sadly, but is okay for breakup type tones). Excuse the playing, a little out of practice and generally **** anyway.

Rena Rune

Senior Member

^ Here are all my clean and "breakup" presets. Keep in mind Jags can sound pretty different from regular guitars because of the 1M pots and the extra jangle from the trem unit. Cleans probably won't be as interesting with a modern Les Paul for instance. Though I did dial the Fender patch in to sound good with the really dark rhythm circuit, it's still got that bit of jangle at the end.


Try the Matchless model with the gain way down, it was working for me
with a Ephiphone Sheraton or LesPaul.
some jamming in the basement last Saturday, 720p cell phone video
I'm using the Zoom G3 with Ibanez RG370DX in #2 position,
1/2/3 -Acoustic / Chorus / Delay
This is the first attempt at this tune http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P4R8ax5nWzU

Question: can anyone tell me what the second half sound like ? We're trying to figure out, as we were following the keyboard player

Rena Rune

Senior Member
I don't know if I did a clean chorus tone in that patch, but it shouldn't be hard to divine.

Above sound is pretty good. What guitar/pickups are you using?


Silver Supporting Member
I've finally got a couple clean tones that are working for me. :)

Fd combo
Gain 28
Tube 83
Level 150
Treble 92
Middle 78
Bass 54
Pressence 91
Fd combo 2/12

Fd vibroverb
Gain 10
Tube 84
Level 150
Treble 79
Middle 65
Bass 40
Presence 83
Fd vibroverb 2/10

I tweaked these tones with the neck pup on my strat. You can add verb if you want.

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