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Garageband: canI use a guitar to track "bass" parts?


Dang Twangler
I have a keyboard so that's how I've been approximating bass parts. I think I'd get the tracks down a lot quicker if I could play the "bass" part on my guitar. Is there a setting or a plug in that transposes the guitar down to the bass's range?



The droid you're looking for
You could probably use a pitch shifter (which is probably built into Garageband). It won't sound like a "bass", but it could sound really cool!


I use my VG strat......it has a baritone setting though!! I have used just a regular tuned guitar for quick bass-lines before and roll off all the top end and make sure to use an amp sim that has a lot more bottom. Can sound pretty good once you get it tweaked. The problem for us guitar players is that the bass lines tend to sound like guitar players trying to play bass!!

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