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Garageband Users -- Please Help

Jumbo Fuzz

So today my first Mac arrived. A 17" Macbook Pro. I am trying to learn this thing, and one of the several (probably simple) quirks I am trying to figure out, is in Garageband.

I was playing around with my guitar plugged directly into my Macbook. I set up a modeled amp. No problem. I turn "monitor" (to hear my guitar through the speakers) no problem.

However, when I plug in my headphones, "monitor" shuts itself to off, and even when I switch it to on, I get no sound in the headphones. I unplug the headphones, and I get no sound through the speakers either.

What the heck is going on? How can I use my headphones? What is going on?

I got sick of searching with no avail on Google, and I am turning to you guys. Thanks.


Hi, I will offer help if possible (I run GB and a Mac too)

Are you plugging an electric guitar directly from the cable into your Mac?

What exactly is your signal path into the Mac from the guitar? (effects amp etc)

Have you enabled a new audio track? (the first track that comes up is MIDI)

Can you see any signal showing on any of the meters within the track or within Garageband?

Try and detail as much relevant info as possible, and we'll get it sorted out, I'm sure


Check GB preferences to see what your audio out is set to. If you have an interface in your signal chain GB usually defaults the ins and outs to the interface and you have to manually change it back to the built-in output.


What Fendegibs said is a possibility ...in GarageBand you have to select your audio device so it only uses one device at a time.

GarageBand > Preferences > Audio/Midi > Audio Output
If that is "system setting" you should get audio out of your headphone out. If its a device you are using then audio is channeled to that device and not your headphone/speakers.

Did you get the new 17" Unibody - that thing is one serious notebook - I've contemplated dumping my MBP and 23" display that I run in closed mode most of the time and just going desktop replacement. Seems like the best of both worlds - huge 17" 1920x1200 display, 8 hr battery, and only a tad larger than the super thin 15" - its expensive though!

Jumbo Fuzz

Guys -- thanks for your posts.

Long story short, work has kept me busy (day and night) since I posted my problem, so I haven't been able to give my problem much attention yet -- so I am not ignoring your suggests and posts. However, I did fool around with it during a lunch hour at home, and I think the problem may be resolved, due to your suggestions. I will post more soon.

And yes shawntp – it is the new 17" Unibody.
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