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I've been revisiting my "less hip" music collection, especially 80's stuff, and it's just very easy to love Gary Moore, Thin Lizzy, King's X, etc. Lately, I've been listening to "Victims of the Future", "Corridors of Power," "We Want Moore", and "Wild Frontier" right alongside records like Jonathan Wilson's "Fanfare" and some other, newer stuff (check out Atlanta band "CHEW"). My conclusion? Moore delivers GREAT ROCK.

Please post:
Favorite Album
Favorite Song
Favorite Guitar

I'll start:
Wild Frontier
"Over the Hills"
The bubblegum pink strat he had in the 80's. So cool!

I think I really enjoyed how fresh and different it was t inject that Celtic influence into 80's hard rock. Also, he and SRV were the only two guys I ever saw who could overpower a strat to that extent.


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It's like he was combining that single-pickup junior he used with Lizzy with a strat!


Likely Baked
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Think I'm gonna go with the loner.
And yeah, the pink strat was cool
And wild frontier


I don't really have a favorite album or song, but you can guess from my screen name which guitar of his was my favorite.


Sean French

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My first introduction was Corridors of Power. This was the 80's.
Killer player with a great and intense vibtato.
I could hear the passion and conviction of every note Gary played.
That was special and rare.
Gary's playing and sound has stayed with me ever since.
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We seem to be concentrating on his 80's rock stuff, so with that in mind:

Album: Victims Of The Future
Song: Cold Hearted
Guitar: white Charvel


huge Gary Moore fan. really love the 80s stuff even G-Force. We Want Moore is o ne of the best live albums ever with more guitar firepower than seems humanly possible. a few fav songs from that era are Cold Hearted, She Got You, Shapes Of Things and Murder In The Skies.
While probably not his best, I always enjoyed the solo in After The War. My young son (7 or so at the time) said it sounded like he (Gary) would make the walls come down with that solo.
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Crimson Queen

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Corridors of Power
Red Strat
Nuclear attack/Shapes of things (live)

I saw him live in 1983. He was amazing.
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I loved Corridors of Power. The only time I saw Gary Moore live was when I was a freshman in college in the fall of '81 and he was touring with Greg Lake. He had one of those mirrored pickguards on his strat and it was flashing the audience the whole show. Of course his guitar work was flashing everyone too. I was 18 and had heard of Thin Lizzy but really didn't know who was in that band, etc. and I asked a friend who had also been to the show (not with me) who that guitarist was and he told me it was Gary Moore. So then I started to seek out whatever he'd played on and found a whole incestuous hard rock scene that involved people who played in hard rock/metal bands of the late-70's early-80[s or so on. These guys were showing up one each other's records, forming 'super' groups, one-off albums, etc. Great stuff! Then Gary migrated (didn't jump, kind of slowly migrated over) to a more straight blues thing. Ironically he also moved from his strat to his LP predominantly (one would have guessed going the opposite direction between these two genres) but he really got some respect from the hard-core blues community, which was well deserved. I much more enjoy Gary Moore's playing to SRV (for me, I'm not trying to start a battle here, GM just speaks to me more).

A couple years later I saw another Thin Lizzy alum, Brian Robertson, with Motorhead. God that was the loudest concert I've ever attended. So loud that there was no definition between notes. I had to move to the far back of the hall just to hear what was going on. WOW. Still... love Motorhead. Didn't see Fast Eddie until I saw Fastway (with totally drunk Pete Way) open for Ozzie a couple years later.



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Album-Victims Of The Future
Guitar-Fiesta red Strat
Song-Devil In Her Heart (honorable mention for Cold Hearted)

One of my favorite players , I put him up there with Schenker,EVH,Rhoads and all the big names


Album - Victims of the Future (figured I would stick with Gary solo records)
Song - Bad For You Baby
Guitar - Red Strat

Go Cat Go!!

Album - Victims of the Future
Song - Empty Rooms, There was an Empty Rooms 12 in single with an extended solo. I had that on vinyl. Dad threw it out when I moved out. :(
Guitar - Fiesta red strat

I didn't care for Gary the blues man at all.

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