GAS... building... might.. explode..


I like the part about selling off gear to get more gear, especially in your situation. I'm a lot like TheoDog up there, if I have a few pieces I can turn into something I desire, I go for it.

DON'T mess with your student loan money, find a way. That way you stay on your parent's good side too.
Yeah, probably not an initially good idea on the student loan money. But hey, that's what GAS is all about, right? Thinking of all the various ways you should or shouldn't finance the next piece of gear? Guess I'm still in the YOLO state of mind on gear.

@OM Flyer - Diddo on the '59 neck profile. I went through a few strat necks until I figured out that the bigger, '59 style necks were the ones for me.

@keepinithid Where's the closeout of Gibson Midtown's at?

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