G'day form down under


Hey Groovers
Luv the site and thanks for all the great advice on here.

Started playing guitar late in life...43. Now fifty and am so glad I did.
Was a chef by trade, and motorcycle racer/instructor..still teach, but a bit broken and old to race well.
I finally started lessons a few months ago, to kinda put a name to what I'm doing. Moving ahead in leaps and bounds.
Tabs and utube are great, but having someone there in front of you who knows what they are doing, that's a big help right there.

So my little family has grown to a
Washburn WD32SCE
Takamine G511

Epiphone LP STD

Kustom Sienna K16 amp
Vox AC4C1-BL amp
ZOOM G5 effex

Next family member will be an 2011 Fender strat usa std...in blk and white.

I am also starting to gather parts to build my own. That would be really amazing, playing your own build lol

Anywho the surf is good and I have to shoo the roo's off the front lawn or the dingo's will eat my baby

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