Gear discounts, but our free shipping does not apply?


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Recently, an Internet music store had a discount offer with a coupon code. I find things I want, and as I go to check out, it has shipping charges, no option for free shipping although the website says free shipping. Next day I call them and ask about it. They said, yes, you can't combine offers so no free shipping if you use the discount code. I said, "Really?". They said, yes really. Um, so, OK, thank you! Guess I missed the "fine print" shopping the website the night before...

I call another music site, since most of these places will price match. They also have free shipping. They matched the discount, and honored their free shipping policy. They got my order.

If you are a music retailer, I'm sure you know the competition is fierce, and that as a buyer I go for the best deal I can find. If that's you great, if not, you lose the sale. You should also know competitors will price match and many say so clearly ("Found a better price? call us!"), and with few exceptions most competitors will have the same products you have. Many offer free shipping too. Plan accordingly, or lose the sale. Just sayin'


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