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Gear for pinch harmonics


I'm going through a pinch harmonics phase trying to work them into my playing so it's not an effort. As I play different guitars through the same amp set up, I see how the guitars allow different levels of harmonics, with some providing significantly more harmonics than others. I wanted to ask the players who have experienced this if there are certain guitars, pups, types of wood, etc. that simply naturally lend themselves more to pinch harmonics than others.

I understand technique is the most important, but as my technique and amp set ups are the same, and the only thing changing is the guitar, the guitar has to also play a role in how easy or hard it is to get the pinch harmonics I'm looking for. What guitars, pups, etc. have worked best for people previously?

Ex. Recently got a Solar guitar, very impressed with the guitar and would recommend one to anyone, sound is incredible and is a ridiculous value for what you get. My issue is I cannot pull a pinch off that guitar to save me life. I get that it's me and I'm sure most would have no issues, but this is the one thing I am fighting to get out of that guitar.

Thanks in advance for any feedback...


Roll up the tone and volume controls, use the bridge pickup, use more gain. These are all variables that can improve harmonic content using the gear you already have. High output pickups will make it easier to do pinch harmonics, if you're willing to trade for less dynamics.

J Factor

Silver Supporting Member
Any guitar will do them, just get the locations right. You can practice them unplugged. Bright, snappy, fresh strings will help. Once you get a feel for doing them without the rest of the gear, they'll be second nature with TEH GAIN.
Bright-natured high output pickups help, and gain doesn't hurt. Still, with practice you can get pick harmonics pretty easily even with vintage output pickups and clean tone.


Turn up the gain to all the way on your amp and/or dirt pedal. You'll get pinch harmonics leaping off the fretboard left & right just thinking about them.


Silver Supporting Member
Gain helps, but practice helps much more. They'll jump out of the neck pickup of a clean Tele if you know what you're doing.

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