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Gear that you traded with famous musicians....

Dr. Tweedbucket

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I once bought a Guitar played by EVH.

I once sold a Mesa Boogie MK III to John Mellencamp. :red

Of course I didn't get to deal with either directly.



I gave a guitar magazine to Ricky Medlocke in the Detroit airport. It wasn't really a trade, but he was cool about it.
A few years ago I bought a Silvertone 1448 from a seller on eBay. He said it belonged to his friend Dexter Romweber. I wasn't sure if I believed him. When the guitar arrived I noticed that it was shipped from the same town where Dexter Romweber lived. The Silvertone was modified in ways that would make it a good stage instrument. The rosewood bridge saddle was replaced with a brass saddle. The tuners were changed to Klusons. The volume knob was replaced with another knob that was easier to grip than the original knob would be. The guitar was the only Silvertone 1448 I have ever seen that has strap locks. And the wear on the back of the neck is consistent with a player who played the entire neck. I have seen that wear pattern on other Silvertone "beginner guitars" but usually only in the "cowboy chord" area. But on this 1448 there was wear on both sides of the back of the neck just below the fingerboard from the nut to where the neck met the body. And this Silvertone was played a lot. It played and felt like it had been played a lot. And it was set up really well. Not too long after I got the guitar in the mail and had a chance to examine it I was watching some YouTubes of Flat Duo Jets live footage and sure enough I found some footage of Dexter Romweber playing the Silvertone 1448 I have now.

For a little while I wondered if Dexter might one day want it back because in some more recent YouTube footage of the Dexter Romweber Duo he was playing a reissue Danelectro. But in one interview he said that he had played over a dozen different Silvertone 1448s while the Flat Duo Jets were together. Mine was just one of them. When I saw the Flat Duo Jets in the late 1990s Dexter was playing a different 1448. And although I saw some footage of Dexter playing a reissue Danelectro I have seen other recent footage of him playing yet another Silvertone 1448.

There is a possibility that the Silvertone 1448 I have might be the same one that Dexter Romweber was playing in the Flat Duo Jets footage in It Might Get Loud. I think the Silvertone he is playing in that live clip has a changed volume knob that is the same kind that is on the one I have. Though he may have changed that knob on other 1448s.


I sold an ancient Ampeg Echo Twin to Mike Fuller (of Fulltone effects). We jammed in my living room and talked about why he didn't pursue his budding career as a pro guitarist even after winning a Guitar Player magazine award (don't ask him, it won't be a pleasant conversation).

And I sold and bought tons of gear in L.A. from people who insisted they were ABOUT to become famous!


Southern Rockers, Grinderswitch guitarist Dru Lombar bought my SG Jr. from me in Tulsa after they had one of his guitars stolen after performing at Cains ballroom

Mr. Crow

I traded a Hofner Beatle Bass to Matthew Sweet in the mid-1980's for a Gibson ES-335 that he really didn't enjoy playing. He was living in Princeton NJ at the time, I was a few miles away in Washington's Crossing NJ. He frequented a music store I stopped in at, and the owner told me about a guy who wanted to do this trade for a Hofner. It was a bit of a convoluted deal, something went to me, to M. Sweet, and the store owner, but long story short he got my Hofner and I got his Gibson.

He picked me up at my house and drove me to the store, about a half hour away, and we did the deal. This was before he was famous, but he did say he had record deal and mentioned he had played with The Golden Palominos, who I did not know of. A very nice fellow. When he became famous a couple of years later I sure was surprised to recognize him. I hope he still has my old Hofner bass. Being the truly vacant individual that I am, I traded away that beautiful ES-335 years ago.
Bought a six-string banjo from Michael Landau... or more to the point that used to belong to Landau. Allegedly he bought it for a studio track. I have no idea if it's true, and I have no way to verify the claim. Which is fine by me because I needed a six-string banjo w/ a built-in pickup, and the price was not affected by said previous ownership...


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Bought Richie Sambora's white 3 humbucker Kramer from him.
Bought the John Lennon t-shirt Richie Sambora wore in many photo shoots from his ex brother-in-law Stuart Smith.
Owned Steve Blaze's (Lillian Axe) black pointy San Dimas Charvel.
Bought a Marshall head in a blue road case from Warren Dimartini.


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Sold an Ampeg Dan Armstrong 6 string I had to Slim Dunlap, the replacement Replacement after a Replacements concert at the Tower Theater in Upper Darby PA. Thanks largely to an aquaintance with Tommy Keene who opened the show. Do have a Morley fs TK abandoned at a garage rehearsal space , needed a nut on switch...


I bought a Taylor 6 string baritone from John Mayer's other guitar player...I can't remember his name. Got a great deal (Taylor gave him the guitar for free, so...). Still have it. It's really nice!


I bought a pink Jackson from Paul Leary of the Butthole Surfers.
I sold a guitar to Ryan Waters, who was playing with Sade, off of Craigslist and he hooked me up with a 10th row center seat and backstage pass.
Bought a PRS that used to belong to Zach Myers of Shinedown.

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