Gear you have, you like, you don't use, but can't seem to part with

Title says it all. I'm sure lots of us have this same issue. In your mind, "OH, I'll try it out. If I don't like it (use it), I'll sell it. I got a good deal, I'll make out in the end." With my band, modern-ish metal, that practices infrequently, plays out a fraction of that, I look for gear that 'gets me there fast' so we can just play. But I also have the GAS, so it's that constant quest. Two pieces spring to mind for me. Both bought to try to fill specific needs.

1) Metal Zone Waza. I use an HX Stomp into a power amp into a 412. I love it; no amp in the room issues or IRs to deal with. It sounds great. But we play in such janky rehearsal spaces that change every time; rental, drummer's house, bassist's house. Clean too loud at one place, EQ off at another (not cork sniffing off, like, lost in the mix because of a standing wave or something). My thought was to try the MT-2w and just use that right into the power amp. Just use the power amp clean (good enough for our needs) and then kick on the distortion with a pedal. Quick hands on adjustments and I can get it sounding really great. Then I A/B with the Revv or Soldano or Friedman model and there it is. (Note, I did try the Revv G4 pedal and thought the HX sounded better). The full amp models just have MORE, I'm sure it's the power ampl portion of the model. So yeah, screw it, just use the HX amps. So I have no real use for the MT-2w. Sounds bad into my Orange, I get sounds I prefer from the HX, it doesn't add anything that's missing like a fuzz or OD. But the MT-2 can have a good sound and looks cool (something about the visual I dig), but not a good enough sound that surpasses anything else I have handy. I try it out 823498324 times, and it always comes off the board. But I can't let it go.

2) PRS SE Mark Holcomb Seven sting in the natural wood finish. We mostly play drop C, but have one song where we drop to a low A. The idea here was, when we do play live, we're the short set band, so save tuning time since dropping to A is enough to destabilize the tuning on all strings, can put that song anywhere in the set without messing up the rest. I can play all of our songs without any fiddling around. Plus that A is handy for writing other songs. I've had the guitar for about a year, got a killer deal. It's pretty, well made, plays great, sounds good...I never use it. I think my 6 string SG sounds better for all of the drop C songs because I can fret cleaner and get tighter chugs (don't have to try to miss the A, get more even pressure). For the A songs I don't have to try to miss the C when doing the octaves and can get tighter chugs without that muffled C. I pick it up from the rack and it's like, wow, this is a nice guitar...get over here Les Paul. But I can't sell it.

Anyone else struggle with good gear they don't use but can't sell?


I sold 2 amazing guitars yesterday for a much lesser valued guitar just to unload them and find some inspiration in something different....but yeah it was difficult and they sat there for a year before I had the already questioning my decision


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I'm sort of in that boat. I have a lot of stuff I'm not using, because I simply don't have the room to set them up in this tiny office that's my erstwhile music room. I want to ( and hopefully will someday) build a full-fledge music room in the basement. We've been in this house going on 18 months now. I've done the demolition of the old finished basement and it revealed a host of issues with this house. I'm reluctant to expend further money until we get past my brother's pending surgery early next year. In the meanwhile, I'm trying to gather up money in case things work out and I can green light construction. Also it probably wouldn't hurt to have less stuff to move if it goes south and we have to sell the house.

I have a couple of vintage Fender combos that I love but haven't used in months, maybe even over a year, a Champ and a Princeton amp non-reverb. Even the FSR Princeton Reverb I bought in '19 hasn't been used since I brought the Super Amp home. If I sell those three, I lose any grab and go capability. I haven't needed to do that in over 2 years because of you know what. Then there is the Marshall half stack. Took me long enough to get it, I don't want to get rid of it.

That's just amps. I have NIB powered monitors, a producer's desk, outboard studio gear, peripheral gear. Then there are the matched sets of tubes, several speakers in shipping boxes, sets of pickups I've never installed or even opened the shipping boxes, and probably a half dozen pedals.

Jeez, if anything were to happen to me, my poor brother wouldn't have the foggiest clue as what to do with any of this, he is not musically inclined in the slightest, wouldn't know a Les Paul Custom Shop from a budget mini-bass. I have multiple spreadsheets I've started but not one master list of things and their original costs. Plus I'd have to have it printed out and put somewhere it can be found because once I'm gone, my computer will basically be a paperweight.


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These days? All of my gear. :puh

But it's OK ... I tend to be a seasonal player and get more active with 'inside' activities like playing once it's colder outside and gets darker earlier. So give me another week.


I do my best to rotate guitars, amps and pedals. My TS-9 and Wampler Euphoria have been getting lonely, so I should plug them in for the next jam. The Timmy and Kalamazoo Gold are quite stubborn lately, and don't want to be rotated. Even the old Distortion +, OD-1 and OD-2 Turbo have made recent appearances.


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Tom Anderson Hollow T Classic. An incredible guitar but unfortunately the band moved on from a mostly country band to more rock. It is a wonderful guitar and plays like a dream. Unfortunately it doesn’t do as well with the higher amount of gain we are using now so it lives in its case and is played every few months. It’s time will come again so until then I will hold onto it. It cost me nothing to keep it lol.



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I have lots , when I see something I want and people pay me or trade me a fair value ill let it go
I don't sell just to sell


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My 1986 SG62.
It was the first year of the reissues.
Killer guitar. I had it refretted with Jumbo SS Frets. Plays and sounds killer.

I used to love SG and gigged them exclusively. I have since moved on and am no longer an SG guy. This just sits around the house and I can't seem to part with it.



I have a Strat out that I hardly play and another Strat that pretty much lives in a case. I also have two five-string basses living in cases. I could see parting with the Strats, but they had no takers locally. The basses I hope to hang on to.
Some fuzzes get less playtime. But I think my '66 Ludwig Supraphonic is the one I can't part with though I practically nevwe play it.


I have an older Twin Reverb that hasn't been turned on in about 5 years other than to confirm it still works. It was my first real amp and aside from the nostalgia, I'm positive that I regret selling it even though I'm 100% digital these days.

Lt Dak

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I have an older Twin Reverb that hasn't been turned on in about 5 years other than to confirm it still works. It was my first real amp and aside from the nostalgia, I'm positive that I regret selling it even though I'm 100% digital these days.
I have a bassman head like that. Plexi'd and blackfaced, I'll probably keep it until I'm dead. Never gets played though.


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Have a few cabinets that I acquired during Covid that sound great but I really don’t need.

All are 2x12” …

Tonespeak Austin’s in a huge Mesa Boogie open back. Sounds huge!

Two Rock speakers in a closed back cabinet.

V30 and C90 in a half back


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I have some sentimental pieces:
  • My first PRS. It was my first "nice" guitar and signed "To Alec, From Paul".
  • 1980's Aria. My 16th birthday gift. Too many hours on it to part with.
  • MIM Tele. Anniversary gift from my wife.
I also have a ported 2x12 that is too cool and too hard to replace for me to sell off even though 100% of my playing is through FRFR.

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