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Geezer bands... Kind of embarrassing.


It's been posted before, Act your age! Nothing more embarrassing then a 50+ year old guy rockin out with a Slash top hat on or prancing around the stage with his beer belly bouncing and jiggling.
Nothing wrong with older guys playing or being in a band with older guys. The youngsters can learn a lot from those guys.


Well the post above took my thunder. Act your age. Nothing more embarrassing then a 50+ year old guy rockin out with a Slash top hat on or prancing around the stage with his beer belly bouncing and jiggling.
Yeah in ozzy’s I don’t think age had much to do with it.

Steve Hotra

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Depends on the skill and attitude of the musicians.
I know a few musicians here in the PNW, who are amazing singers and musicians, pushing 60+.
Got to have fun with your music, at all times!


I'll keep playing until it isn't fun anymore. For me (and I've never made enough to call it anything more than an expensive hobby), this is what I do for fun. I figure I still have plenty of good years left in me.


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Several years ago I went to see the original Texas Playboys. Eldon Shamblin sat the whole time. Herb Remington had to use a walker to get to his steel. It was one of the greatest displays of musicianship I’ve ever seen. Absolutely astonishing individual abilities, but together they, and the rest of the guys, just left you speechless.
I’m over 60. I’ve got 4 gigs this weekend. I’ll be dead tired Sunday night, but I’m looking forward to every minute.


If you are getting the crowd which the venue was smart enough to get in there in the first place, and you are keeping them there buying food and drink, you have held up your end of the bargain ! Matters not what the band looks like or the age range


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The good news is that most of the Geezer stuff like the newer Pop stuff is simple to figure out. Unless you're doing Steely Dan, or Prog Rock. I'm 60 years old and actually prefer playing Sinatra, Duke Ellington.Louis Armstrong,etc, from the Geezers that came way before me. Which I find a bit harder to pllay right,LOL!


Hats off to anyone past 30 still at it (I'm late 50s). I was in my 6th band closing in on 30. That's when it started to feel like work to me. Since then I've drifted in and out of being interested in music at all, writing song fragments, playing the occasional open mic and doing some home recording. The only thing music related I've done consistently for many years now is buying/selling/trading/flipping gear - and I still get a hard-on for a nice guitar or amp.
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Clouds yell at me
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I really take offense to ' kind of embarrassing' in the thread title- I'm not sure what OP thinks there is to be embarrassed about...
I'm 59, as a kid grew up listening to '60's R&R on the radio ( and later in life got familiar with and came to love Country, Blues, Jazz from the same era and earlier/ and later...). So the music I love has become ' old' and I am aging, can't stop time from passing.
But I now have become a pretty good musician, I know how to play and sing a part ( maybe just a crumb) of this wonderful music, precisely to keep it ALIVE, it gives me purpose in life.
Nothing embarrassing about this.
I’m pretty sure he just said that for effect, and to draw people in, since he pointed out right away that he’s in two such bands.
I'm in a geezer cover band. Most of us are in out mid to late 50's. Most of the people we play to are the same age as we are. I don't see a problem.

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