George Harrison's guitar on "Abbey Road"

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    Anyone know which guitar he was playing? He used the Les Paul a lot on White Album and Let it Be (along with the rosewood Tele). Had he converted to the Strat by the time "Abbey Road" was recorded in early '69? Solo's on "Something" and the answer-back on "Bathroom Window" are some of his best work, and I'm curious which guitar he used.
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    According to the engineer Geoff Emerick in this Guitar World article:

    "it's hard to know precisely what guitars, basses and amps were used on Abbey Road. Few photos were taken at the sessions, and even Emerick can't remember what was played. "I was too busy setting up mics and getting sounds to notice," he says."

    FWIW Wikipedia:'_instruments

    May find something interesting discussed here:
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    George had used Strats for a long time by '69. There's a group photo in the Magical Mystery Tour booklet that shows his custom-painted psychedelic Strat. But he wasn't a one-guitar kind of guy. He had a number of guitars and played whichever one he felt like.

    From the tone, I'd guess the solo in "Something" is a Les Paul. "Bathroom Window" could be a Fender.

    During the three-guitar round-robin in "The End" George is pretty clearly playing a Les Paul (with John and Paul probably playing their Casinos -- Paul on the bridge pickup, it sounds like, and John on the neck pickup, though it's hard to be sure).
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    It's sad that the recording of the best sounding Beatles album - IMHO - is also the least documented. Maybe the quickness and spontaneity is what made Abbey Road so much better than Let It Be and The White Album (again, IMHO, YMMV, Yada Yada).

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