Georgia On My Mind


Utilizing Bobby's Backing Tracks with:

Suhr Classic Pro 50's Tele;
Wampler Ego Compressor, Clean Mooer Graphic G-EQ;
Fuchs ODS-30, Two-Notes Torpedo Live (BDeluxe 6L6), Focusrite Saffire Pro 40; GarageBand (Cool Jazz Combo) with Compression, EQ, Noise Gate, touch of Small Hall Reverb.

This is the only time I've used my Saffire Pro 40 for recording guitar since switching from a PreSonus AudioBox about 2 years ago, and my first endeavor that was promised to the TGP community because it took quite a bit of adjustments to obtain a good clean level.

Please be kind. Although I've practiced guitar many years as a hobbyist like many others, this is a just a humble example of a simple accompaniment. Thanks for any constructive advice in advance... Enjoy.

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