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Georgle L degradation


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I accept all the blame...user error....they work great for everyone else...never any problems for others here..lol!

I really regret spending a fortune on the George L's not because of their tone but because I seem to be inept in putting them together reliably. So, I've had these cables for quite awhile and I'm now remaking them. I bought the brass ends and I'm noticing that a few of them are severely tarnished (green). Will this effect the connectivity of the cable assuming the rest of the damn thing is put together properly?

One last thing; so I put on the one end....put on the other end, test it with cable tester....doesn't indicate a proper connection. Is there any way for me to establish if at least one of the ends is properly attached without having to take both of them off, redo them, test, repeat, repeat, repeat...my life is wasting away before my eyes...


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I know it's not a very scientific approach, but I usually just plug one end in an amp turned down low and put a finger across the bare end. You'll hear if the cable is live.
If they are brass and have oxidized green, yes, I would clean them a bit ~


that does make sense, though - the brass ends are unfinished. how long have you had'em?

i do the same thing as otaypanky...turn amp on and plug in. i've had a lot of trouble, very recently with one particular one. not sure what exactly happened there. really weird.


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I went to soldered lava cables for all of the above reasons. Brass ones crapping out, bad connections from too much movement. Not that I hated them, just didn't suit the environment I'm in.

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