FS Germino Classic 45 LV

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    Nov 19, 2011
    Local pick up only. No trades. Middletown, NY 10941 area. $1500 cash. Very reasonable price. Bring your guitar and cab and try before you buy! Bring your band!

    Pictures on request.

    No trades. Local pickup only.

    Greg built the amp on 4/30/2008. I bought it used here on the GP late May of 2017 and had the seller ship it to Greg for the LoVo mod. Greg did the mod and went thru the amp and realized this amp was built with some bad board material he had at the time of build. He replaced the board free of charge as he said it was a warranty issue. Not a lot of guys like Greg out there. Great sounding amp. Never an issue with it. Greg honors a life time transferable warranty. Any other questions feel free to ask. Thanks, How
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