Germino Club 40 and Lead 55 LV


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I own a Club 40 combo with a G12-65 speaker and really dig the tone of the amp but have recently been thinking about buying a Lead 55 head so I could switch between the two amps in the combo cabinet. Have any of you guys tried the Lrad 55 through the G12-65 speaker? Also, what would be an alternative speaker for a 1x12 cabinet to pair up with the head. I would like to be able to "mix-n-match" the Club 40 and Lead 55 LV between "combo" and "head cabinet" configutration. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Jim Fairbairn

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I've tried the L55 through the following 2x12's. Heritage M's, Heritage H's, RI greenback and Heritage G1265. I prefer the G1265 the most for that particular amp. The Lead type circuit seems to match well with that speaker.


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I wonder if it would be cool to have these two amps sitting on top of a 4x12, and have 2 input jacks on the cab each going to 2x12's ( the best 2 speakers for each head), and use an a/b switch to switch between the two heads....

The 4x12 would be detuned I guess, since only 2x12 would be playing at once (heck I guess with the right a/b you could actually blend both at the same time).

I'm seeing the benefit as being a 4x12 sound, with the volume reduction of a 2x12, and being able to hand select the right speakers for each head.

is there any validity to this approach?


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I've never had a 55 (but I'm thinking about one) but I've had both a Club 40 and a Classic 45. I tried them with 2 x 12 cabs loaded with G-12 65's, stock reissue Greembacks, and Golds.

If you're looking for the most Marshally tones, go with the reissue Greenbacks. The G 12 65's are a little bolder but to me, a little more sterile, stay cleaner longer, and just seem to have less character.

The Golds were GREAT clean but as you add more dirt, those speakers become less desireable to me. But that mid punch right at the edge of break up is not duplicated by the other speakers.

I'd love to be able to try other combinations, because I don't know if any of the choices I had were "the answer".

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