Sold Germino Club 40 and matching 2x12 cab w/Creambacks

I'm selling my Germino Club 40 head and matching 2x12 cab. The head has the solid state/tube rectifier switch. Works perfectly - no issues. It's in excellent condition. It's been a bedroom amp for me - never gigged with, which is very sad to say because it sounds fantastic.

The matching cab is the diagonal mount 2x12 from Germino, open back, with upgraded Celestion 75 watt creambacks. I purchased it a couple of months ago, along with a Tuki cover (which is included in the sale). It's in mint condition.

I'm selling the stack because I'm a recent Kemper convert, and I can't afford to hang on to amps just because they are amazing, when I don't actually play them anymore. This thing needs to be played and well cared for because it's a work of art.

The head was $2500 new, and the cab with the cover was $1000. I'm asking $2,400 shipped. SOLD!!!

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I've got one. Great amp. Can get loud though. I've got a MV installed by Greg.

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