Get the Boss GT1000 or wait for the next GTxxx?


Hi all,

Wondering if anyone has any intel on a replacement for the GT1000

I believe the GT1000 first shipped in 2018 which makes it quite old for a digital product/tech.

Looking to pair it up with my GR55 for better amp/effects but dont want to find myself buying a soon to be redundant product.

Any hints from NAAM 2022 at this stage?



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Hi fellow Aussie aussiejoe !

My guess is that given the GX 100 just came out, the [likely named] " GX 1000 " wont be too far off - my guess is maybe 12 - 18 months.

I would suggest if you can grab a GT 1000 now - learn it and enjoy it - its a stunning sounding, feeling, dynamic, ultra high fidelity modeler - i.m.h.o - its the clear "best of the crop" assuming current FW's across all the main units.

But yeah ... there's always a chance BOSS may "announce" the "GX 1000" in a couple of weeks at NAMM.

All the best,

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