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Get your Premier Guitar mystery stocking. You have like 2 mins


Silver Supporting Member
Got mine. Let's see if it's anything better than some strings in the wrong gauges and random stickers. I did get a pedal a couple years ago.


Just got one. I have had two over the last few years. Received nothing too special. Worth about what I paid. It is a fun gamble. Good luck to everyone that takes a chance!


Gold Supporting Member
I was on there 3 minutes after go-live and they were already sold out.

Last year was my first attempt and I got a "junk" box...was willing to give it another go this year.


Gold Supporting Member
Second year giving it a go, last time I didn’t get anything too worthwhile other than a decent guitar strap and a clip on tuner, but for $40 I’ll give it another go. Not really hoping for a big ticket item, but a pedal that I may otherwise never try and wind up liking would be best case I think.

eddie knuckles

Gold Supporting Member
I've gotten some dumpster material over the years, but I have also discovered a few gems underneath all the stickers and strings. I have enjoyed the chance. It is fun, and tchotchkes for the newer players in the fam and random players over to jam.


Gold Supporting Member
I had the window open and started clicking at 959. Strangely, a lot of folks must have thought the same thing, because the server was already down fully a minute before the sale opened. Anyway, I was able to get thru (last year I was on my phone and it was the year that the server was down for almost an hour I think). This year it bounced back pretty quick and it seemed if you got to the CC screen that it held a place (I had two windows open and the one sent me to the CC screen while the other, 5 seconds later went direct to "sold out"). I figure it took less than a minute to sell out.

First year, I broke even, second year was the in ear monitors, third was a bust, and then a couple I didn't get a stocking. We'll see...

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