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Earlier this year I got this guitar, a 1953 Supro Ozark. It seemed like the perfect guitar and it is indeed my favourite. It has a 42mm nut and a fat D profile neck, just perfect, more comfortable than the C shape and 40mm nut on my '55 Supro which I also like a lot. The sound of the pickup is magical to my ears. It is a joy to play and beautiful with it. And it was only $500, which is great too.


And yet, only a few months later, while I am still playing the Ozark every day, I am starting to look at other guitars again, other 1950s Valcos that are not much different to the 2 I have - same woods, pickups etc, hoping that the next one will be even more amazing! I thought the Ozark would cure this! I know the whole GAS thing has been discussed at length, but I'm wondering if this is typical. I guess it's like buying lots of different Teles. Of course they get more and more expensive too. Starting with Supros, now looking at Nationals.

It happened with the Stratotones too - H44, followed by H88, Slvertone H42. The law of diminishing returns sets in eventually, but why do I have such faith? I'm not a hardcore collector, I buy player grade stuff with a few issues, for the pleasure of the sound they make. The next phase is realising when some have to go, to acknowledge which ones don't live up to expectations...

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