GFS Cables?


Hey guys!

I know there have been a couple of threads about this, but I haven't found one yet that people review them (most are just asking about them, or excited about the 'news' and stuff like that).

How good good are they? I'm specifically interested in their green patch cables, BUT, if their big ones are worth it, I might get some.

How do the small cables (patch) compare to Hosa... I have 2 short Hosas and one of them died within a few weeks, and the other one is kinda scratchy (it's the cable, not the guitar nor the amp)... And generally I don't see many good reviews for hosa.
And how are the cheap patch cables? Any good? Or totally worthless?

Also, my main guitar cables right now are Planet Waves Custom Series (20', the gold plated tip ones). How would their higher end models (any of them) compare to mine?



I use all GFS "Monster" style instrument cables and really like them. Cheap and great quality. Don't see myself using anything else in the near future. I use all George L for my pedalboard.

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