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GFS Earl Slick Pickup review

I just bought a tele style GFS Earl Slick pickup and installed it into a $99 Guitar Center Strat style special. Actually it is a Kramer Focus. It was HSS, and the pickups sound terrible. Very muddy and hot.

After installing the tele bridge pickup in, it was out of phase!!!!

The bridge pickup by itself sound much better than the stock muddy humbucker.

Compared to a Lollar Alnico III, it was about 80% as rich sounding, as if a thin blanket had covered the sound.

Similar findings compared to Seymour Duncan Antiquities tele and strat pickups.

Bottom line, for the price, it was definitely an upgrade over the stock pickup. Intermediate level sound, but not pro quality.

I bought into the hype that 50s technology soud be easily replicated. Unfortunately that is not true.

The Seymour Duncans and Lollars are still the best and are safe from the cheap knockoffs.

Am I happy? Sort of, since the pickup sound much better than the crappy OEM pickup.

It took me a lot of time to install this thing, since the wood had to routed a bit without destroying the finish, and the pickup mount had to modified a little bit at a time.

But if I were to recommend anything, it is to spend the extra few bucks and get what you really want: a Seymour Duncan Antiquities!


I know but it's a $99 guitar. Do you really want to put pickups that cost twice as much as the guitar in there?

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