GFS - New York II's - really.


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I just finished a homebuild that was originally planned using a pair of Teisco gold-foil pickups from a Norma electric I had as a kid. Well, I put the thing together and the gold-foils just didn't seem to do what I wanted. I just couldn't get happy with them. So, I regrouped and on a lark decided to try a pair of GFS NY II's. I bought them off E-Bay and when they arrived one of the magnets would fall out of the pickup. I fixed that and wired them up. Man, I was honestly surprised by these pickups. They are the single coil surface mount version of the GFS NY's and sound really good through my AC-15, both clean and dirty. If I had to describe the tonality I'd say they're not so much like a strat or tele single coil - well tone is hard to verbalize but they sound "fatter" than that. They actually sound very similar to a pair of TV Jones Classics I have in another guitar, which I know are humbuckers.

Yeah, they cost a lot less than the Classics, but to me they sound very similar. I'm not affiliated with GFS and I'm not intending to knock TV Jones pickups. Just wanted to share my experience.


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Nice. I had a similar experience with Dream 90s. Just one of those funky cheap pickups that take a special ear to appreciate.


Had them in my Gretsch Pro Jet for a while - to me they sounded kinda like twangier versions of P90s; loved the bridge PU, the neck PU was a bit too woolly for me. Always had to reset the EQ on my amp when switching between my Teles and that Pro Jet, that's why I got rid of them. But great rock'n'roll pickups, nonetheless!

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