GFS "Reverse" Jimi Bridge Pickup



This is the GFS Jimi "Reverse" stagger set's bridge pickup with the tone control at about 8/10 in a maple necked, alder body, natural finish 70's Classic Player Series Stratocaster through a Barber Burn Unit EQ set somewhere between the Tweed and Blackface with low gain, and the unit's tone rolled back, next in line is the bluesky Reverberator set for a moderate Spring, into a Reinhardt JKC 33, through a 2x12 with Scumback M75 and H75.

Pretty loud. Louder than you might think considering how well the macbook kept up, and how little it overloaded.

Anyways, I made this video cause I'm probably selling this guitar and want to make a video of the three pickups.

They're pretty @!@#($!@*%! amazing for the $50 dollars I paid for the set...

edit: my girlfriend interrupts me in the video, she sucks alot of tone regularly with her constant jibberjabber but this time she didn't phase me :p

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