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Gibson '57 Classic Humbucker question...


I think this is my first post :)

I have an SG '61 RI with stock 57's, and a 1997 Epiphone Dot 335. My question is... can I pull the bridge '57 Classic pickup from the SG and drop it in to the neck position on the 335? Ideally I want to get SD Antiquities for the bridges in both (something slightly hotter than the 57 Classics), but only if I can do this swap, otherwise I'll just get dual Antiquities for the 335... or is there a better, maybe cheaper option for both guitars? I mainly play a grungy blues style of rock. Both guitars are going through a Mesa Nomad 45.

I'm pretty sure that both '57s are the same, just want to make sure before I rip it out of a perfectly fine guitar.

Thanks for any and all help!



I'm pretty sure Neck and Bridge pickups have different output levels. as the strings will move more over a Neck pickup, the output is usually lower to get the set to balance.

Also, a bridge pickup may or may not have enough wire to reach the electronics chain from the bridge position (although, this can be fixed)

I could be wrong, get a second opinion.


hmm i thought that too about the output levels... but every online seller only sells one kind, with no mention of different outputs for the bridge or neck... same with the gibson website... they seem to offer the '57 Classic Plus for the extra output for the bridge. the length of wire might be an issue though, but there is usually some slack isn't there?

hmmm... found this on a couple ebay sellers sites...

Gibson 57 Classic Nickel

  • Position: Suitable for Neck or Bridge
  • Wiring: Two Conductor Vintage Style

While this timeless beauty gives you a tone... blah blah blah...

thanks for the response jeff.

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