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Gibson 60's neck vs. Stratocaster neck (late 70's specifically)


Can you tell me how similar they are ? I really like those late 70's fender necks... they are very thin... what is a 60's slim taper gibson neck like in comparison ? Thicker still, rounder, flatter, oddshaped, what ? I'm wondering if there are gibsons with a neck profile like a Fender(late 70's I guess)


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The 60's is not as round(61 sg reissue). The 78 strat I have feels bigger but not by much. The radius has a rounder feel on the strat. Also, guitars with binding feel different to me as well so my 60's neck gibby just plain feels different. The 78 strat chords better though. The 60's neck feel a lo faster too.IMHO.


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The late 70s fenders I've played have been fatter than the 60s taper Gibsons I've played. The 70s fenders tend to be pretty substantial in the hand, a sort of rounded D shape. they are not very wide across the nut and width of the fingerboard, so that may be what you're referring to. But the only late 70s fenders with skinny backshapes that i've tried have been recarved ones.

The Gibson 60s taper necks are pretty inconsistent, but mostly I find them flatter on the back and slimmer in the hand. Some, like my old LP jr are almost shred-guitar like.

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