Gibson Acoustic Issues


Long story short I was playing my Gibson j-150 when I heard water splashing one night last week. I quickly set it on the couch with strings facing the back cushion (not on the floor.) After I cleaned up the mess of the washing machine discharge overflowing due to a frozen p-trap, I had to pack quick as I left for a 6 day business trip.

Came home today noticed I forgot to put it away (still sitting up on the couch) and now its got a string buzz on my high E and on every string once you approach the 12th fret is muted. So refilled the humidifier and put it in its case. I'll check it in a few days to see if I have some expensive firewood or a nice guitar again.

Anyone else have this issue?
Anything else I can do besides give it some time?


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I really need to get a hygrometer.
a crude one can be had by just eyeballing across the top of the guitar behind the bridge; if there's a slight arch from edge to edge you're mostly OK, if it's flat you're probably too dry and if it's even slightly dished in or "widow's peaked" you're in trouble.

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