Gibson Collectors Choice #15 Greg Martin - on hold for me (NGD soon)!! w/pics!

He guys,
Thought I'd share this beautiful guitar that's on hold for me right now. It's a 58 (early 59 spec) collectors choice in '(dirty) lemmon burst. This particular one has a beautiful flame top on it and the aging is spectacular as well. I'm usually not that much into againg but on this guitar it really makes me feel like I'm holding a special, historic instrument. The neck on this is 'chunky' but really not as thick as you'd expect from a burst. I usually like thick necks, but this feels great as well. I compared this one to a CC 8 'the beast' and a CC 11 'rosie'. Both are spectacular guitars but this one just had something the others didn't. The other two are more like your average LP. Well of course these CC's are spectacular in quality, but they have the average 'burst' tone characteristics. A somewhat dark and thick sound, which is great if you're into that of course but personally I prefer a brighter and twangier LP (which are hard to find). I consider those to be the 'good' ones. So what I was looking for is a LP with a warm, full sounding neck pickup but still open with some clarity to it, not that dark muddy type sound. So it's still a very usable tone both clean and dirty. Also with a brighter neck pickup the neck tone is still useful unlike other LP's where it's too dark already with the tone on 10. The bridge is real nice as well. It has that rock sound to it that you expect from a les paul but there is also some twang in there like a good tele on steroids and again lots of clarity, note bloom, speration, amazing sustain etc.... In the middle position you can really get soume great tones as well if you play with the volume and tone. I think I really picked out a spectacular guitar. Here are some pics:




FWIW: Hank Williams Jr. gave the original guitar to Greg Martin. What a gift!

Thanks, didn't know that! That's indeed an amazing gift!
The store owner told me that they had an original 57' Goldtop that used to be Greg's in the store a few years ago. A dutch guy bought it through Germany and had it delivered at their store.


If that guitar sounds as good as Greg's then you're on to a winner.

HNGD. May you have many happy years together. :)

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