Gibson Custom Non-Reverse there a p90 set I can buy?


I've been trying to research it. For the originals, the minis have a screw on either end, like strat pickups, but the P90 versions have the through-the-pickup mounting, so they're attached to the body, not the pickguard. I'm pretty sure the P90s are wider and proabably a bit taller too.


I recently got a new non reverse firebird studio which has 3 coil tapped P-90s. Very good sounding pickups, plenty of balls, I'm assuming they are standard Gibson P-90's but they have a 70% wind option with the coil tap.

Another interesting option could be Lace Alumitone P-90s. Last week I got this Yamaha SA503 TVL, the previous owner swapped out the 3 P-90's (I still have them) for the Lace pickups. I had never used them before- played the guitar at band practice last night & they were great. Very articulate, plenty of grunt ( I play heavy rock Sabbath meets AC/DC) & these were very good for it. They are noiseless so are perfect for playing with gain- a luxury to get P-90 tones without the hum. Only thing was I found I had to boost them a bit harder for lead breaks but overall very impressed.

They do look a bit funky though :aok



Runs with Scissors
If you're interested in recouping some cost by selling the minimums after going the P90 route, please shoot me a PM. FWIW, I've got the P90 version of this guitar. I love how it sounds!



My understanding is that the Lollars are a "more polite" P90. If you want a dirty, snarly P90, you may want to try one of the the other brands. If you want a cleaner P90, then the Lollars are the way to go.

Wolfetones are indeed in the same league as Lollars and Fralins in terms of quality.

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