FS Gibson Custom Shop Contour8 - 1958 Les Paul Reissue w/ Les Paul Axcess Neck Carve - 8.0 lbs.

Scott L

Gold Supporting Member
2016 Gibson Custom Shop Les Paul- Historic "Contour8" Washed Cherry - 8.0 lbs

$3990 Delivered / Lower 48

Extremely Rare Gibson P.S.L - Pre Sold Limit LPR8

In Excellent +++ Condition
The Contour Neck adds a whole new dimension to this LPR8
Exactly 8.0lbs with the Historic Toggle Plate
Super Peek-a-Boo Flame Top - From almost a Plan Top with Beautiful Grainig to a Brilliant 3-D Moving Flames
8lbs, 1 oz with the Medallion Toggle Plate
Neck @ 1st Fret - 0.938
Neck @ 12th Fret 1.013

  • Original Gibson Certificate of Authenticity
  • Original Gibson Custom Shop Historic Case
  • Original Gibson Historic Toggle Cover Plate and Medallion

Gibson Custom Les Paul ContouR8 Standard Historic 1958 Reissue Features:
  • A Standard Historic '58 with a contoured neck heel for better high-fret access
  • 1-piece mahogany body without weight relief
  • 2-piece maple top enhances attack
  • Period-correct '50s rounded neck profile
  • Hide-glued mahogany neck with extended neck tenon
  • Rosewood fingerboard with cellulose trapezoid inlays
  • Custom Bucker pickups sound true to late '50s tones
  • Vintage CTS potentiometers and bumblebee capacitors replicate a 1958 signal path


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