Sold Gibson Deluxe tuners, full set, Brand new off my LP Studio

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I pulled these off my Gibson Les Paul Studio, so they have virtually no "playing time" on them [whatever it got played at the shop I guess]. I pulled them off as soon as I got home and replaced them with some all chrome tuners for looks.

Nothing wrong with these at all - brand new, I just changed them for cosmetic reasons. This is the factory tuner set, and available to you cheap. Replace those worn, broken tuners on your Gibson... $30 SHIPPED US.

I would trade for a red or yellow fasel for my Wah. I'm good on guitar parts but other than that feel free to ask - worst I can say is "no thanks".

These are the 10mm hole style - make sure these fit your instrument! These should fit most modern LP's and SG's [they came off my LP Studio 2016], but if you are unsure please check!



more pics available if you really need them, likewise I'll answer any questions to the bets of my ability.

Thanks for looking!
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