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gibson ga 8t?


What fender is this supposed to sound like? I found one but the speaker had been changed to a stock fender and it wasn't very loud dimed! Plus it stayed clean never distorted? What do you think bad tubes?thanks,scott


Is this the 6v6 version or the 6BM8 version? They sound very different. The 6v6 model is somewhat similar to a tweed deluxe. The 6bm8 model is also a bit tweedish but unlike any fender I've heard. I own two of the 6bm8 versions so you can probably guess which version I prefer.

Either version should give it up when dimed. With single coils its just a slight overdrive but with humbuckers, its quite considerable. These came with a 10" Jensen alnico with very small magnet. That speaker contributes alot to the overdriven tone. The amp isn't that loud--about 11 watts. I've found that the 6bm8 tubes vary alot in their tonal characteristics. I've got Bugle Boys in one ga-8t and they are much louder and richer than the Sylvanias that are in the other. However the Sylvanias have a pleasing mid range that works better with the alnico CTS in that amp.

Hope this helps.



I've got a Gibsonette Tremolo GA8T. It has a stock ? Jenson special design speaker. Its a great sounding amp, someday I'm gonna install a grounded cord on it so I can safely play it. I did have a cap job done to it a couple of years ago. Mine has the plastic handle, I think its a 59 or 60 Check out this link, they compare it to a Princeton http://www.rru.com/~meo/Guitar/Amps/Gibson/gfmap.html

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