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Gibson JB Studio VS Slash AFD Epi


Just wanted to know what your takes where on it. I am leaning twords the Slash..money is not the issue here. Just playability, fit ,finish ect...their seems to be a large population of players that have negative thoughts and remarks on Gibby studio quality.

I would like some happy owners or players of these models to chime in if possible.


By JB Studio, do you mean the Joe Bonamassa Studio? If so, I played one in a store once, and it seemed a really nice guitar. Felt good in the hands, although not as hefty as the JB Custom Shop LP that I have.

Fit and finish were nice. I've also heard good things about the Bonamassa Epiphone LP. I cannot compare to the AFD Epi because Ive never played one.


Tone is Paramount
Gold Supporting Member
I would buy the real Gibson. The woods that are used in the epi 's just aren't the same....that's if you care about tone... if not, buy the epi

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