Sold Gibson Johnny A. Custom! Crazy Top, Low serial, Owned by Johnny A.

Metal Tiger

Hi everyone,

This is a very special guitar. The serial number is under 150 and the previous owner got it from Johnny A himself years ago.
The guitar in in excellent condition, it does not have a COA, which makes sense, if it was meant for Johnny.
I have a photo of Johnny handing the guitar to the previous owner. I will send the photo to the new owner, of course.

I have had 3 of these over the years and this one is definitely the best. The whole guitar vibrates on every note and the instrument breathes and sustains long and strong. The intonation is spot on, it sounds open and you can feel it resonating from the headstock to the strap pin. Warm, with the right amount of sparkle, from the 25.5” scale. The stoptail holds tuning beautifully and you can always use a vibramate to attach a Bigsby, if you want, with no mods.
The guitar has a beautiful top with great flame and mineral streaks and the neck is very comfortably thick but not enormous. I am not into Gibsons, usually, but this model is spectacular and the built quality is top notch.

Unlike the newer iteration, this guitar features a solid Ebony board and it comes with the beautiful faux alligator case.

Price: $3350

I am mostly looking for cash but I would be up for trades, potentially. High end guitars only +/- cash, no amps, pedals etc.

PM me if you need anything.


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