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Gibson Les Paul... Big Difference?


I can't think outside the box.... please help me... I have a Les Paul Studio Plus Desert Burst and I'm considering the Traditional Pro ($2k) and the Studio Deluxe ($1.4k).

Are they all pretty much the same guitar other than the coil splitting?

Differences: 1) Binding 2) pickups (BB Pro vs BB3 ..... and 490R vs 57s) 3) Tuners.

Is this worth the $600 difference between the pro and the deluxe? Especially if you have a Les Paul Studio plus?


That's up to you. I wouldnt think twice about buying/playing/gigging with a LP Studio if it felt right. I dont mind the fact that Studios lack binding, and on certain guitars I think it looks great. I have played some 90s Studios that I would put against any other Les Paul variation or spin off, Gibson or boutique. I like the 50s Rounded neck profile too. I have not played a new Traditional either.


the big differences in Gibson LPs are

Studios - no binding .... newer ones are chambered (IIRC) and older ones are swiss chees weight relief

standards - with binding, before 2006 swiss cheese weight relief, 2006 and later they're chambered ( or was it 2007?)

Traditional - with binding, swiss cheese weight relief, improved neck joint over the standard

Historics - with binding, solid mahogany (except for the clearly marked chambered versions with "CR" serial numbers), long neck tenon

You should be about to find a used Historic 58 or 57 reissue for around $2K

yeh, pickups are different, but that's any easy change

In the end which is best is the one you like best ... although most like the Historics best



Where can I learn more about the historics? Why do you think most like those more?
www.lespaulforum.com for more discussion on Historial (Hysterical?) models than you tan take in one sitting. Seriously though, good folks over there, and passionate about their Pauls.

This spring I had occasion to shop for a Les Paul after my '92 40th Anniversary model was stolen. I tried out Standards, Traditionals, a Custom, and a '58 Plaintop Reissue (aka R8). The R8 bested them is all categories that mattered to me. It doesn't have a flame top but it's under 9# even without weight relief, has the beefy '50s neck, dark rosewood fingerboard, great action and superb tone. In A/B comparisons it was a superior guitar. You can find them priced right too as everyone seems to want flame. Flame tops are pretty, but you can't hear or play flame.



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You should be about to find a used Historic 58 or 57 reissue for around $2K

That's where I would go.
Great guitar, price in the pocket, no loss upon leaving the shop with a new one (like a car).

Today's market is a great opportunity for buyers of items such as these.


I'd also lean towards a used historic, but I'd say also go out and try a few of the ones you're looking at. Maybe you'd like a studio deluxe more than a historic.

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