Sold Gibson Les Paul Classic - 2016


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There was a limited run of Classics this year (with no green inlays!), and this is one of them. I think it is quite a looker. Awesome gold top with a beautiful, dark rosewood board with tons of grain. It's in excellent condition, and there are several changes from "stock."

From the top down:
  • Grovers installed
  • Duncan strap locks installed
  • EMG 81/85 set installed
    • I am willing to discuss other pickup sets and an Emerson wiring harness as part of the deal
    • BUT these pickups sound amazing in this guitar
  • Tonepros bridge and tailpiece
  • Epiphone hardshell case
  • No pickguard
I have none of the original stuff, but as I said, I'm willing to work with you on the pickups as I know not everybody loves EMGs.

This guitar is not for the faint of heart or faint of back. It's a non-weight-relieved 10 pounder. As a result, the tone is ferocious. This guitar will punch you in the mouth (figuratively speaking, or course).

$1,500 pp'd/shipped CONUS

Trade interests (+/- a bit of cash as needed):
Gibson Flying V
Suhr Modern Satin
Jackson USA guitars
Mesa Mark V head or combo
Friedman, Splawn or other modded Marshall types
Suhr Badger 18, 30 or 35 (head or combo)
Maybe other interesting channel switchers (high gainers welcome)

Try me with whatever though. You never know!

Thanks for looking!

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