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  1. rogue.guineapig

    rogue.guineapig Member

    Mar 11, 2008
    Central AZ
    I have a 75 LP deluxe I just took this pup out of.
    When I bought the guitar, I was under the impression that the
    neck was a Gibson Humbucker (which it is, PAF like tones I've gathered)
    and the bridge was a Dirty Fingers pickup. After I got it I took it
    to my guitar tech at the time who stuck an ohm meter on the pups
    and declared the neck to be about 8K and the bridge to be about 15K,
    which was consistent with what I knew of the guitar.
    Today I pulled out the old pups and looked at the back of them.
    The neck is a pat. 2,737,842 which is supposedly similar to a PAF as I mentioned before.

    Recently the bridge pup suddenly lost all it's ballsiness and low end
    and output. The reading today was around 7K, instead of the afore measured 15K.
    I took the reading while it was in the guitar and still soldered in.
    Makes sense, I thought. Something's shorting one of the coils and
    making my bridge pup sound like butt
    . Or something.
    Pups don't just DIE do they?

    Lo and behold, when I took it out I found out the lead had been extended
    at one point. The reading I took after desoldering the pickup was 0.
    No reading, no flicker, nothing. I used the meter to see if there was a short
    some where in the lead/extension, but it seems fine.

    I then looked on the my surprise I found "pat. 2,737,842"
    stamped on the back, just like the neck. *confused* Is this a catch all number for Gibson?
    But both coils have adjustable poles...which means it is a Dirty Fingers?

    Now I am confued as heck as to what this pup is and what's going on with it!
    The ink looks like it says "422 1 8 " when I tweaked it in photoshop but the
    last numbers are smudged.
  2. curtis

    curtis Member

    Aug 11, 2008
    Manchester, UK
    i'd probablt post the same question on the les paul forum - someone there will know.

    my first thought was also that one of the coils has died somehow. I've heard of them losing their magnetism, but never sen proof, obviously its much more likely too have corroded and shorted...

    tricky one unless youre and expert exactly what gibson put in and when. I have plenty reference books at home, if i get a chance i'll have a gander
  3. Mike9

    Mike9 Supporting Member

    Sep 26, 2006
    Ghent, NY
    The pickups aren't numbered per se - that's just the patent number. Here's some PAF info -

    By the way I have a patent stamped Gibson pickup that reads 13.8k so some are way hot. Maybe someone left the winder running while in the Loo - :D

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