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I just recently bought a Gibson SG Standard with coil taps, the pickups are Burstbucker 1 in the neck and No.3 in the bridge. Neck pickup is good sounding, the bridge not so much, kind of high ended spikey sounding. I have tried adjusting the height and pole pieces, but no luck. I wondering if anyone has a warmer sounding bridge pickup they could suggest, a 57, Burstbucker Pro, or other Gibson or non Gibson pickup that would not be such a dramatic tone differance from the neck. Also the replacement pickup would have to work with the push-pull volume pots.


Most folks will scoff but I really like the 498t. It has a good mid and does not get spikey to my ears.

Edit: I've never used them in an SG...could be different.


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Depends on what you play and how much you want to spend. Classic 57 do not come with the conductors exposed so you can tap them. You can rewire it so it has taps, but that requires a certain skill level and you will want to repot it afterwards, at least I did. So 57 is probably out as there are others that do a very similar job with less work/cash. I have never spent any real time with a BB3 so I can't suggest a less "spikey" replacement.

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