Gibson reissues Captain Kirk SG


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Looks very cool. I'm a sucker for three pickup Gibsons, especially when they don't have the dopey original wiring. So that part is really cool. I agree with others that the fretboard really needed to be ebony to fit in with the Custom trim. Master volume doesn't bother me at all. I think it's a great feature. I like that they do it in black on the Ebony model. Blends in better with the pickguard and other knobs.

And yes, I admit to having to google who Captain Kirk was! I was wondering why they issued a guitar for a dead actor!

Matt L

Loving both of those colors, such gorgeous guitars. Sadly, I’ve tried a couple of SG Customs and they just didn’t work for me.

Noise Under The Floor

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Funny enough, I think that's the best addition to these. Having a master volume after dialing in the sound of the individual pickups seems like such a lifesaver for these models.
Not saying it’s a bad idea, I just dont care for it aesthetically. That’s just me though.

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