Gibson SG and a Lovepedal Rubber Chicken (video added)


Hi there!

This is an amazing envelope filter pedal. OK, I'm a big lover of pedals that makes you want to make music. Envelope filters always makes me smile BUT this one is pretty unique. Usually, when you play softly, envelope filters don't open and when you play harder, they do. That's OK for me.

But the Rubber Chicken doesn't mess with your tone when you play softly, it stays the same. And when you play harder, the pedal do its thing. It's just different but I do like it. A lot.

BTW, I just got this SG Standard and I'm digging it so far. I might change the pickups in the future, probably some Lollars. But I do love the neck on this one, pretty fat but it's pretty comfortable. No problems with the original pickups but I tried some Lollar blackface single coils last week and I was amazed with it, so I might give it a try on their humbucking type pickups in the future...


Vinicius Rosa.

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