Sold Gibson SG Standard 120


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I had a previous ad for this up and I must have accidentally deleted it.

Up for sale/trade is a really nice near mint 2014 Gibson SG Standard 120. This was a limited run of 360 guitars that Gibson did as part of their anniversary celebration. If you compare this to the 2014 SG Standard you will see the pick guards are different, the tuners are different (the regular standard had MinEtune), and the pickup set is different.

The neck on this is a full c shape. It isn't necessarily chunky but it does fill full in the shoulders.

The finish is in perfect condition, I have played it a few times but with nine other guitars it rarely sees any action here at home.

I would like to trade for a Fender guitar, but I am pretty open to any and all offers.

I would also sell outright for $1200 shipping included to CONUS.

More pictures available on demand.

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