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Gibson SG Supreme refret questions

Discussion in 'Guitars in General' started by GreekGuru, Dec 7, 2018.

  1. GreekGuru

    GreekGuru Member

    Mar 8, 2015
    I have an SG Supreme that I want to get refretted. I want the absolute tallest fret wire possible for bending and doing vibrato as I like wide vibrato. I'm going to refret with either Jescar 58118 (.58 high by .118 wide) stainless steel or Jescar 57110 (.57 high by .110 wide) stainless steel. On a 22 fret model the 58118 should be good however the SG supreme having 24 frets could the 58118 be too wide? Will it leave no room for the 23rd and 24th fret? I've seen pictures of this fretwire on regular Gibson's and it looks okay up top but with 24 frets I'm unsure which I should go with. Will .57 vs .58 matter when they crown the frets? I know they shave off material to level and crown them. Will I be able to tell between .57 and .58 or are they so close it's impossible to feel a difference? What will .110 vs .118 feel like? I've never played either of these frets but I'm very excited to try them out.
    My SG supreme is a 2000 model. Does anybody know the stock Gibson fretwire measurements or size from that era? My Les Paul has stewmac wire .47 high by .105 wide. It doesn't look too different from the stock Gibson frets on the SG other than maybe a bit higher.
    Thank you.

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