Gibson sues Heritage


Word on the street is Gibson will eventually be able to obtain a warrant and be able to enter our homes.If your not playing Gibson’s only,you will face hefty fines and imprisonments.Actually I better not give them any more ideas.


A day at Gibson's exec team meeting.

CEO - "Ok guys, buyers of our super high end guitars are buying Heritage instead of us, we're losing money"

Exec's - "Let's sue them!!!!!!!"

CEO - "That's the ticket!! Get the lawyers on the horn."

Timid guy at meeting - "Why don't we just make our guitars better? The cost of the improvements would cost less than the lawsuit, AND would undercut Heritage's price point. So players would get a better product and save money by buying from us instead".

Exec's and CEO - " :bong:dunno:bonk:bounce:fisticuffs:phones:barf????"

CEO - "You're fired Timid guy at meeting"

CEO - "Should we order Sushi for lunch?"


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Makes me happy to play Paul Reed Smith guitars. He worries more about fret levelling and ensuring that the finish on his guitars is of the best quality rather than suing another company.

I love Gibson and the history associated with the company, and will always love my heroes who play Les Pauls, but I must say - the manner in which they've gone about lawsuits especially the ones against Tom anderson and Kiesel have left a very bad taste.

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