Gibson would sell more guitars if...

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    Apr 16, 2019
    Another school of thought... Yes, I quoted my own message...

    Gibson should only brand guitars with the Gibson name that are part of Gibson's heritage or new models. The Epiphone headstock should not be on these guitars. The Epiphone headstock should be on guitars that are part of Epiphone's history or its own new models.

    As a player I do like that Gibson makes lower end models in the USA. My main player is an SG Special. Very nice guitar. If Gibson had its lower priced guitars made overseas then it'd be like the guitar that used to be made in Japan that used to be made in Korea that used to be made in Indonesia is now made in China. But, because, Gibson has not chased down the cheapest production in Asia. All of the SG Specials I've ever played have come from a Gibson factory in the USA and been the most consistent quality guitars I've played over the years. Yes, they may not have filler and binding and whatnot but good guitars.

    I know when I look at a new PRS guitar that the USA made ones and the Korean ones are the ones that feel right. The Indonesian ones feel like knockoffs to me. The G&L Tribute models made in Indonesia feel like knockoffs to me compared to their USA manufactured guitars.

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