Gigblade: A Revolutionary Side-Carry Hybrid Guitar Gig Bag??


Great concept. I never gig with a single guitar though, so I'll be curious if they come out with a dual bag like my Mono.
My bass player got in on the kickstarter. He's got a backpack and cart and they both seem like quality stuff. Looks like a cool new solution.
My InCase still has a lot of life left but I'll give this a once-over when it arrives.


I was expecting to hate it... I am a born cynic... but I love it.
I have always wanted a bag that doesn't come over my head - I'm way over 6ft and when I hit the back upper deck of the bus, or come in my front door, my case hits. And I am a one shoulder guy, even it causes me pain. Yeah. It is really good.

Slight caveats are the extra weather bag. In my climate of -20-+20 I would not want an add-on separate cover. It has to integrated. And I am not keen on the use of space within the bag - basically the wasted space. Build it with dividers and space for a nano - plus proper weatherproofing out of the box - and I am in.


It needs an additional side handle. I'm not feeling the wart at the too of the bag either, but all in all it looks okay. I Woodbridge call it revolutionary, all they did was put a sling strap higher up the case, rather than near the body if the guitar. Overall it's neat and probably worth 200 bucks. They should make the bag itself somewhat weather proof instead of having another cover.

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