Ginger Baker - Isolated Drum Track from White Room


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Thank you. Thank you for providing "proof" to the drummer in my last band that he was playing the chorus section entirely wrong for the years we played that song.

The bass drum pattern follows the bassline, but he always just played it straight through, never threw in those doubles on the bass drum that really accentuates and swings. He tried to play it on his floor Tom, but always botched it up.

We argued about that for so long, after a while it got pointless. I ended up leaving the band for other reasons, I will send the link just to rub it in!

Ginger was a genius.
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This was my natural style before I started taking drum lessons. I still use his beats, alot.


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I love musicians that play in such a way as to allow their personality to shine through. To me this sounds like Ginger. Paul Gilbert, The Edge, SRV, and a few others are really good at this as well.

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What is interesting is that he tuned his toms to be the same pitches as the guitar chords (you hear it in the intro). Unless the dubbed some other kinds of drums in there, maybe timpani
He had tympani with his kit, if you look at photos. He inspired John Bonham's use of tympani.


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I love Ginger Baker. I thought he was the best player at the RAH reunion concerts. I know he is a maniac and seems to be a crazy personality when he is not playing drums, but he is one of my favorite drummers. Mitch Mitchell is another favorite of mine. Those guys just made their bands' songs come alive.

Another thing that is notable - it was a lot more common back then to have different parts of a song with an entirely different feel - like Bridge in the song above. You don't hear that quite so much anymore.


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Ironically, I like most of his contemporaries!

MMitchell, Bonham, Moon (within The Who), Love Ringo and Bill plenty of classic rock makes the grade for me. I just never felt his groove. JimKeltner also gets a thumbs up.

I also love Purdie, Zigaboo, Clive Stubblefield for funk and soul.

Jack Dejohnette, Brian Blade, Peter Erskine, Dennis Chambers for Jazz.

Modern rock:I loved the drummers in Ministry, Grohl, and Jimmy Chamberlin

I’m not sure why I have such an aversion to his playing. Everyone always said he’s was one of the greats...and I’ve tried for decades to find a way to appreciate it. I guess he just isn’t for me. Sounds like he was a real prick to work with too.

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